Who are Broseley?

Established over 48 years ago, Broseley specialise in the building, renovation and refurbishment of private residential property and listed buildings. We also offer a construction management service which includes bespoke building, planning, design and decoration to provide a turn-key solution.

John Thursfield has been fully involved with Broseley since 2008 and took over the mantle from his father in 2019. He is a well-known figure in the worlds of architecture, design and property. The majority of the Broseley teams have grown with the company since then, and John prioritises developing the team skills and equal job opportunities with ethical practices.

He is also an enthusiastic team leader in promoting campaigns which support more organic methods, to reduce carbon issues and toxic materials. Currently, he is working with the Big Blue Ocean CleanUp, Woodland Trust and Contractors Declare. His focus for 2021 are the homeless in Central London.

Our extensive and historic first-hand knowledge of Central London allows us to make a valuable contribution to early planning, appropriate to the property, it’s date and location. This enables us to alert clients to any potential issues that may arise.


Residential Property Refurbishment

We understand that our clients are entrusting us to ensure that their homes are treated with care, their time and money respected, and their neighbours not forgotten.

We manage every aspect of our client’s construction projects. Led by John Thursfield, our managing director, our hands-on directors and administration team control timescales, teams and specialists, supplies and prudent financial management which underpin the many processes.

We are conscious of the environment and endeavour to minimise negative impact, a pledge that has been recognised by the Considerate Construction Scheme and Contractors Declare. You can read more about our work in these areas on our Environment page.

We combine traditional methods with updated practice and state-of-the-art technology. Projects include basements, wine cellars, swimming pools, lifts, glass and steel structures and lofts. Almost every job is completed by our in-house team, bringing in sub-contractors only for occasional and highly specified work

If you are looking for reliable and skilled builders in Central London, for residential or commercial property, please do get in touch.


The Broseley Team

The full time Broseley workforce is comprised of around 45 people, including master builders, specialist craftsmen, expert technicians, electricians, plumbers, joiners, cabinet makers and fitters, designers and decorators. In addition our QS, a health & safety officer, our after-care team, our marketing hub and our administration office. Thus you can rest assured that your construction project is in the safest possible hands, with your dedicated team, from drawing board to final finish. We only bring in specialists for unique requirements.

We take our responsibilities towards health and safety regulations extremely seriously and maintain full compliance during all renovations. We also make sure our teams are fully trained, properly rewarded and happy!