We’re doing our best!

Broseley is committed to becoming as organic as it can, by reducing carbon emissions, choosing sustainable materials wherever possible and maintaining a healthy environment on all our sites. Of course, this is an on-going process and we all have a way to go, but we’re doing our best; learning and improving all the time!

We’re as paper free as we can be, opt for recycled papers where necessary, and aim for digital communications as much as possible.

In our planning, we endeavour to multi-visit our sites to cut down on driving, promote using bicycles and work with local companies to cut down on delivery miles.

We aim to use 100% renewable energy supplies on site and in the office and we avoid or restrict products and appliances that contain gasoline, kerosene, propane, toxic liquids, glues and plastics. Our sites operate recycling schemes for all materials.

We try to keep all cleaning materials, chemicals and glue in original bottles, sealed and never mixed. Paints and glues are a particular hazard.

We ensure heating schemes, air conditioners, chimneys and flues are safely installed, regulated and maintained.

We’re working with Big Blue Ocean to clean up the debris on our beaches (and local charities to help London’s homeless).

Next up, we’re replacing our vehicles with electric vans, planting trees to acknowledge our milestones and in order to support the health and safety of our teams we’re developing compliance incentive support schemes.